When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

~Yogi Berra

Design is really the organization of elements and space to accomplish a specific objective.

In the Residential Landscape, this might be as simple as dramatizing a front entrance or as involved as preparing a complete landscape design for the entire property.

For Municipal Landscapes, design services might address requirements for the landscaping of civic buildings, consulting on street-scapes and site planning guidelines, signage and entrance features, maintenance guidelines, and garden design for parks and cemeteries.

For Healing Landscapes in clinical environments, a high level of collaboration and communication is required to achieve success. This involves a clear understanding of the objectives for clinical outcomes and the establishment of baseline data to allow the design intervention to be measured against the objectives.

As well as healing garden design, my services may involve: advocacy at the board, management or foundation levels, collaboration with clinical staff, project architects and/or landscape architects in the development of objectives and design interventions, and evaluation of opportunities for healing gardens to be developed in existing spaces.



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